Welcome to the new home of the Western Canadian Baseball League

The Western Canadian Baseball League (WCBL), formerly known as the Western Major Baseball League (WMBL), is excited to be moving forward with the rebrand of the league.

The WCBL felt that now is the time for change, as we continue to be part of this country’s growing baseball image. As more college players look for strong competitive leagues in which to play over their summers, we feel that this new title will better reflect our Canadian identity in order to better interest players to come and experience our league and our nation. Placing the country’s name directly in the new league title hopes to bring additional recognition to Canadian baseball as a whole.

“We are excited about the new name, in that it will highlight the fact that the league’s footprint lies entirely in Canada. We are a baseball showcase for Canada and are proud to bring in fans and players to celebrate our beautiful country. Being in Canada gives us a unique advantage to provide great experiences to not only our homegrown talent, but visiting players as well. The same applies for the fans and community sponsors of the League,” said WCBL President, Kevin Kvame.

The WCBL continues to be Canada’s Premier Summer Collegiate League for college players all over the world and boasts a long standing tradition of providing players with a once in a lifetime experience like none other.

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