WCBL 2023 Season Preview: West Division


Play ball!

The Western Canadian Baseball League (WCBL) is set to step to the plate with a full summer of action taking the field in ballparks across Alberta and Saskatchewan.

With that in mind, it’s time for a 2023 season preview of the 10 teams in the league, broken down by division. We recently looked at the East Division squads, and now it’s time to see what the Western teams from Alberta have to offer:



Home Ballpark: Seaman Stadium

Home Opener: 7:05 p.m., Friday, May 26th vs. Brooks Bombers

2022 Regular Season Results: 1st place in West Division with WCBL-record 43 wins & 13 losses

2022 Playoff Results: WCBL Champions (6-1 postseason record)

Coaching Staff: Lou Pote (Head Coach); David Robb (Hitting & Bench Coach); Andy Peterson (Infield Coach); Joe Sergent (Pitching Coach)

Returning Batters: Infielder Ricardo Sanchez (2022 WCBL MVP, 59 games, .343 batting average, 56 runs, 39 RBI, 12 stolen bases); catcher Caleb Lumbard (29 games, 21 runs, 16 RBI); infielder Aidan Rose (36 games, 22 hits, 11 runs); shortstop Brendan Luther (2022 WCBL Playoff MVP, 55 games, .369 batting average, 60 runs, 13 stolen bases); infielder Connor Crowson (37 games, 26 runs, 39 hits); outfielder Micah McDowell (2022 Dawgs MVP, 41 games, .378 batting average, 27 stolen bases, 36 runs, 34 RBI); outfielder Alejandro Cazorla (57 games, 52 runs, 36 RBI, 15 stolen bases); outfielder/LHP Noah Geekie (42 games, .351 batting average, 30 runs, 15 stolen bases; 2.89 ERA, 1-0, 14 Ks in 9.1 innings)

Returning Pitchers: Left-handed pitcher (LHP) Graham Brunner (11 games, 8-0, 53 strikeouts in 53 innings); LHP Matt Wilkinson (15 games, 3-1, 1.42 ERA, 6 saves, 55 Ks in 31.2 innings); right-handed pitcher (RHP) Ryan McFarland (23 games, 3-1, two saves, 22 Ks in 40 innings); RHP Bobby Vath (8 games, 5-1, 2.74 ERA, 32 Ks in 42.2 innings); RHP Quinn Tocheniuk (26 games, 4-0, one save, 23 Ks in 32.1 innings); RHP Cade Hermann (26 games, 1.04 ERA, 34 Ks in 26 innings); RHP Seth Thompson (25 games, 3 saves, 20 Ks in 21 innings); RHP Brady Baltus (10 starts, 4-2, 4.28 ERA, 38 Ks in 48.1 innings); RHP Brody Forno (18 games, 1-0, 18 Ks in 18.1 innings); RHP Jackson Fraser (6 games, 1-0, 5 Ks in 5.1 innings); RHP Logan Rumberg (9 games, 1-0, 0.90 ERA, 15 Ks in 10 innings); RHP Vic Domingo (9 games, 4-0, one save, 28 Ks in 22.1 innings in 2021); RHP Dustin Schorie (19 games, 8 saves, 19 Ks in 19 innings in 2019); RHP Brock Townsend (7 games, 4-0, 2.02 ERA, 35 Ks in 35.2 innings in 2018)

Pitchers: RHP Jace Behnke; LHP Tim O’Connor; RHP Daniel Hutchinson; RHP Sam Roberts; RHP Greg Ross

Hitters: Outfielder Cesar Valero (Dawgs Academy); infielder Nash Crowell (Dawgs Academy); catcher Logan Grant (54 games with Swift Current 57’s in 2022, 35 runs, 30 RBI, 14 stolen bases); catcher Conner Stewart; infielder/RHP Dryden Howse (Dawgs Academy); outfielder Canon Reeder; outfielder Titus Dumitru; infielder/outfielder Trent Lenihan; outfielder Elijah Hammill

View 2023 Okotoks Dawgs Roster

In The News: Pote Proud to Lead Experienced Dawgs Coaching Staff

Quotable: “The core group of guys are coming back. Not that it’s ever easy, but when you have a core that’s come through the academy and come through and played here a couple of years in a row and have won, it makes things a lot easier because they know the expectations here,” head coach Lou Pote told the Western Wheel newspaper. “When you’re in this program, what you expect is nothing less than a championship and if we don’t get a banner, it’s not a successful season.”

WCBL Championships: 2004, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2019, 2022

Mascot: Diggity


Home Ballpark: Gulls Field at Pogadl Park

Home Opener: 7:05 p.m., Friday, May 26th vs. Fort McMurray Giants

2022 Regular Season Results: 2nd place in West Division with 38-18 record

2022 Playoff Results: Second-round loss to Okotoks Dawgs

Coaching Staff: Jason Chatwood (Head Coach); Wyatt McKnight (Assistant Coach); Matt Hape (Pitching Coach)

Returning Batters: Catcher Ben Prediger (36 games, 18 runs, 16 RBI); outfielder Kaden Zarowny (49 games, 4 homers, 29 RBI, 29 runs, 9 stolen bases); outfielder Samuel Stem (25 games, .278 batting average, 13 RBI, 13 runs); outfielder/utility Chase Rodriguez (54 games, 6 homers, 30 runs, 29 RBI, 11 stolen bases); utility Cleary Simpson (33 games, 17 runs, 28 hits, 6 stolen bases); utility Matty Fung (48 games, 16 stolen bases, 23 runs); first baseman/RHP Tyler McWillie (46 games, 12 home runs, 44 RBI; 1-1, one save, 51 Ks in 50.2 innings)

Returning Pitchers: LHP Josh Tucker (2022 WCBL Most Outstanding Pitcher, 12 games, 7-1, 2.42 ERA, 107 Ks in 67 innings); RHP Ty Boudreau (2022 Gulls MVP, 15 games, 6-3, 2.40 ERA, 81 Ks in 69.2 innings); RHP Steven Hospital (9 games, 2.87 ERA, 5-2, 43 Ks in 47.1 innings); LHP Nick Veselinovic (10 games, 2.27 ERA, 3-1, 2 saves, 40 Ks in 35.2 innings); RHP Kyle Froehlich (3 games, 7 Ks in 11 innings); RHP Jared Arnold (5 games, 0.58 ERA, 2-1, one save, 13 Ks in 15.1 innings); RHP Hunter Jones (9 games, 3-3, 3.28 ERA, 38 Ks in 35.2 innings)

Pitchers: RHP Brady Foster; RHP Jace Carroll; RHP Nate Naccarato; RHP Carson Angeroth; LHP Zac Laird; RHP Josh Doelitsch; RHP Dan Naughton; RHP James Brock; pitcher/infielder Hagen Barcello

Hitters: Catcher Ty Johnsen; catcher/infielder Hank Dodson; infielder Carson Coffield; infielder Braeden Cordes; infielder Easton Jones; infielder Aiden Jackson; infielder Jonah Weisner; infielder/outfielder Nick Groves; infielder/pitcher Aspen Dahl; outfielder Carson Lundmark; outfielder/pitcher Shea Bowen

In The News: Sylvan Lake Gulls to Field a More Experienced Roster

Quotable: “We’ve had a young team these first couple years and we want to make a run at it with a little bit older and more experienced team,” Gulls President Aqil Samuel told the Red Deer Advocate. “We want to do some damage in the playoffs so the goal is to definitely get to the final.”

Mascot: Sully


Home Ballpark: Legacy Dodge Field at Shell Place

Home Opener: 7:05 p.m., Tuesday, June 6th vs. Medicine Hat Mavericks

2022 Regular Season Results: 3rd place in West Division with 27-29 record

2022 Playoff Results: First-round loss to Sylvan Lake Gulls

Team Achievement: First WCBL postseason appearance for franchise in 2022

Coaching Staff: Joe Ellison (Head Coach); Lennon Richards (Pitching Coach); Ashton Roy (Hitting Coach)

Returning Batters: Catcher Jordan Bach (58 games, .322 batting average, 42 RBI, 30 runs); catcher Antonio Fernandez (45 games, 22 runs, 18 RBI); infielder Alfonso Villalobos (53 games, 31 runs, 9 stolen bases); infielder Lucas Lefebvre (15 games, .333 batting average, 13 RBI)

Returning Pitchers: RHP Sean Dunn (14 games, 5-3, 4.47 ERA, 35 Ks in 52.1 innings); RHP Jackson Hohensee (19 games, 3-5, 2 saves, 2.77 ERA, 43 Ks in 48.2 innings); RHP Logan Knight (10 games, 27 Ks in 21 innings); RHP Reece Devlin (13 games, 3.00 ERA, 10 Ks in 21 innings); LHP Riley Burns (3 games, 7 Ks in 5.2 innings)

Pitchers: LHP John Shields; RHP Alex Escobar; LHP Kody Butt; RHP Lukas Touma; RHP Darby Gilbert; LHP Ayden Wood; RHP Bryn Biemiller; RHP Blake Maddock; RHP Rob Schmidt; RHP Tyson Dias

Hitters: Catcher Josh McGuin; infielder Jayden Shafer; infielder Kaleb Lemos; infielder Garrett Sloan; infielder Joseph Finder; outfielder Michael Buckley; outfielder Max Stagg; outfielder Cameron Chee-Aloy; infielder Gage Ninness; outfielder Bryson Collins; outfielder Chance Pollard; outfielder Mateo Zeppieri

In The News: Fort McMurray Giants Name New Head Coach

Quotable: “We want to win a championship in Fort McMurray, but at the same time you want guys that are bought in, good players with good personalities, and good team guys,” said head coach Joe Ellison. “I want guys who want to be there all year and are also big community guys too. Playing summer ball they’re going to learn a lot about themselves.”


Home Ballpark: Elks Field at Brooks Regional Ball Park

Home Opener: 7:05 p.m., Saturday, May 27th vs. Okotoks Dawgs

2022 Regular Season Results: 4th place in West Division with 26-30 record

2022 Playoff Results: First-round loss to Okotoks Dawgs

Team Achievement: First WCBL postseason appearance for franchise in 2022

Coaching Staff: Ruddy Estrella (Head Coach); Adam Kowalski (Assistant Coach); Jason Wandler (General Manager)

Returning Batters: Infielder Dax Wandler (23 games, 11 hits)

Returning Pitchers: RHP Justin Guzman (17 games, 4-5, 45 Ks in 45.1 innings)

Pitchers: RHP Joseph Perez; LHP Evan Shaw; LHP Wyatt Sargent; LHP Parker Austin; RHP Connor Peck; RHP Jake Williams; RHP Claudio Rodriguez; LHP Brett Getz; LHP Marshall Albertsz; RHP Nkosi Didder; RHP/INF Zander Bretza; RHP Joey Mazzetti; RHP Breylin Suriel; RHP Andrws Acosta; RHP Nicco Menini

Hitters: Catcher Braize Mitchell; catcher Jake Ferguson; infielder Ryan Kucy; infielder Owen Stevenson; infielder Peyton Starr; infielder Trio Archuleta; infielder Hilo Yamamoto; outfielder Eric Rataczak; outfielder Jake Griffith; outfielder Luciano Letteri; outfielder Jeremiah Sanchez; oufielder Ryan Rodriguez; outfielder Harrison Griffith

In The News: Cleared for Takeoff

Quotable: “When I sit back here and I look at what we’ve built here you get a little bit of emotion running through your blood and the veins, and it’s been really good and really successful here, so I’m thankful for everybody involved, from the volunteers to the billets to the fans to the players and the coaches and our board that put this all together,” GM Jason Wandler told Alberta Dugout Stories. “For me, watching the laughter, the smiles, the energy, the clapping, the enjoyment that the fans are having at the ballpark and to know that we played a very small part in that leads me to believe that this organization can continue down this path, year in and year out.”


Home Ballpark: Spitz Stadium

Home Opener: 7:05 p.m., Friday, May 26th vs. Medicine Hat Mavericks

2022 Regular Season Results: 5th place in West Division with 26-30 record

2022 Playoff Results: Did not qualify

Coaching Staff: Chance Wheatley (Head Coach); Ryan MacDonald (Assistant Coach); Tim Blake (Assistant Coach)

Returning Batters: Catcher Cardel Dick (7 games, .412 batting average, 5 runs); catcher Teigen Parenteau (5 games, .300 batting average); first baseman Carter Claerhout (44 games, .311 batting average, 25 RBI, 12 stolen bases); infielder Nick Gravel (52 games, 46 runs, 7 stolen bases); infielder Kalem Haney (48 games, .333 batting average, 45 runs, 8 stolen bases); infielder Torrin Vaselenak (35 games, 4 homers, 22 runs, 21 RBI); outfielder Carlin Dick (33 games, .317 batting average, 23 runs); outfielder Josh Kabayama (2 games in 2022, 26 games in 2021); utility/RHP Brad Goodwin (31 games, .295 batting average, 22 runs; 2-0, 19 Ks in 34 innings)

Returning Pitchers: LHP Javier De Alejandro (15 games, 2-5, 50 Ks in 61 innings); RHP Aidan Newton (16 games, 3-2, 18 Ks in 26 innings); RHP Max Benton (14 games, 3-5, 35 Ks in 49 innings); RHP Shaye McTavish (3 games, one save); RHP Devin Benavides (7 games, 1.22 ERA, 4 saves, 9 Ks in 7.1 innings)

Pitchers: RHP Sam Brown; RHP Kole Jessamine (pitcher/batter with Edmonton Prospects in 2021-2022 seasons); RHP Braxton Greenburg; RHP Cole Alguire; RHP Gray St. Amant; RHP Charles Peacock; RHP Andrew Kithil; RHP Mason Chien

Hitters: Outfielder Jackson Clemett (38 games, 32 runs, 14 RBI with Sylvan Lake Gulls in 2022); infielder Zac Fruend; catcher Justin Willis; third baseman/RHP Jackson Kalisky; outfielder Demitri Shakotko; outfielder Mikey McGinnis


In The News: Love of the Game


Quotable: “It’s been my life since I was a little kid, as long as I can remember. It’s just somewhere I can go and I just don’t think about anything else in the world except for baseball. I just get to play and have fun and who knows where it will take you? It means the world to me. It’s tough to put into words what baseball means to me but it’s definitely been a fun and enjoyable ride and I can’t wait to see where it takes me,” said Lethbridge Bulls slugger Carlin Dick.

WCBL Championships: 2015 & 2021

Mascot: T-Bone

Opening Day of the 2023 WCBL season takes place on Thursday, May 25th with a matchup between the Regina Red Sox and Weyburn Beavers at Tom Laing Park. For more information, go to the Western Canadian Baseball League website.