WCBL 2023 Season Preview: East Division


Batter up!

The Western Canadian Baseball League’s 2023 season is on deck, with a full summer of action set to unfold in ballparks across Alberta and Saskatchewan.

With that in mind, it’s time for a preview of the 10 teams in the league, broken down by division.

Let’s get to know each squad a little bit better, starting with the four Saskatchewan clubs and one Alberta team from the East:



Home Ballpark: Currie Field

Home Opener: 7:05 p.m., Saturday, May 27th vs. Swift Current 57’s

2022 Regular Season Results: 1st place in East Division with 34 wins & 22 losses

2022 Playoff Results: First-round loss to Medicine Hat Mavericks

Coaching Staff: Ben Komonosky (Head Coach); Mitch MacDonald (Assistant Coach); Cole Warken (Assistant Coach); Steven Butts (Pitching Coach); Rye Pothakos (Director of Recruiting & Baseball Operations); Kaylie McCall (Athletic Trainer)

Returning Batters: Catcher Jackson Alaniz (32 games, 16 RBI, 14 runs during 2022 WCBL season); infielder Jonah Bachiu (31 games, 17 runs, 12 RBI); infielder Dylan Edmands (53 games, 52 runs, four homers, 23 RBI, 15 stolen bases); outfielder Michael Zinter (48 games, five home runs, 29 RBI, 21 runs)

Returning Pitchers: Right-handed pitcher (RHP) Trevor Crawford (3 starts, 1-1, 9 Ks in 11.1 innings); left-handed pitcher (LHP) Zane Pollon (23 games, 3-2, one save, 28 Ks in 27.1 innings); RHP Jonathan Henry (10 games, 4-1, 2.71 ERA, 36 Ks in 59.2 innings); RHP Zander Oudie-Senger (14 games, 3-1, 3.17 ERA, 15 Ks in 28.1 innings); RHP Kade Douglas (25 games, 2-2, one save, 36 Ks in 38.2 innings); RHP Klevert Martina (6 games, 3-1, 2.07 ERA, 28 Ks in 30.1 innings)

Pitchers: RHP Zachary Dobson; LHP Zach Zwaschka; LHP Cameron Hood; RHP Zach Waslewski; RHP Brody Richardson; LHP Cameron Seiwert; RHP Will Hellings; RHP Jason Davis; RHP Daniel Crabtree; LHP Clayton Detherage; RHP Carlos Solano

Hitters: Catcher Christos Stefanos; catcher Easton Romero; catcher Kyle Micklus; catcher Brady Bye; infielder Bitner Workman; infielder Kyle Revere; infielder Camden Colman; outfielder Jackson Haulingshaus; outfielder Cameron Brantley; outfielder Mike Piazza; outfielder Anthony Sharkis; utility Greyson Shafer; utility Justin Simard

View 2023 Regina Red Sox Roster

In The News: Red Sox hope season is a home run; team looking for billets

Quotable: “They get off the bus late, sleep in a little bit, and then do it all over again the next day,” said team president Gary Brotzel of Regina Red Sox players.

WCBL Championships: 2011 & 2012

Mascot: Slyder


Home Ballpark: Ross Wells Park

Home Opener: 7:05 p.m., Saturday, May 27th vs. Weyburn Beavers

2022 Regular Season Results: 2nd in East Division with 33-23 record

2022 Playoff Results: Lost in WCBL championship final to Okotoks Dawgs

Coaching Staff: Eric Marriott (Head Coach); Michael Gonzalez (Assistant Coach); Jeff Nicolosi (Pitching/Strength Coach); Dustin Molleken (Pitching Consultant)

Returning Batters: Outfielder Nate Mensik (2022 Miller Express MVP & WCBL All-Star, 62 games, .323 batting average, 12 homers, 54 runs, 48 RBI, 15 stolen bases); infielder Luke LaChance (40 games, .299 batting average, 21 RBI); second baseman Dawson Tweet (40 games, .364 batting average, 23 RBI); third baseman Parker Dorrance (48 games, .313 batting average, 45 runs, 33 RBI); outfielder Michael Speck (54 games, 36 runs, 27 RBI); outfielder Dougie DelaCruz (41 games, .328 batting average, 26 runs in 2019 WCBL season)

Returning Pitchers: RHP Triston Seitz (31 games, 2-2, 42 Ks, 57 innings); RHP Kaleb Waller (11 games, 1-1, 4.50 ERA, 15 Ks, 24 innings); RHP Ethan Merk (8 games, 1-1, 2.66 ERA, 15 Ks in 20.1 innings); RHP Cameron Dunn (13 games, 4-3, 4.26 ERA, 26 Ks in 44.1 innings); RHP Nathan Varjassy (8 games, 9 Ks in 10.2 innings); RHP Kellan Voggesser (16 games, 7-5, 3.41 ERA, one save, 73 Ks in 71.1 innings)

Pitchers: RHP Gabriel Soto; LHP Matt Vasquez; RHP Haldon Craig; RHP Julian Gonzalez; RHP Brayan Villar; RHP Zach Sigmon; RHP Adam Armstrong; RHP Rigell Robinson

Hitters: Catcher Wyatt Tweet; catcher Chaz Poppy; first baseman Cristian Yanez; first baseman Alexander Antigua; infielder Thomas Soto; infielder Andrew Rantz; infielder Bobby Pokorney; infielder/outfielder Gibrian Pena; outfielder Julio Acosta; utility Jordan Bond; utility Enrique Morales

In The News: Miller Express Look to Build on Incredible Western Canadian Baseball League Season

Quotable: “What we had last year, and what we have this coming summer, is really special. We’ve got a lot of returners and it’s really important to have guys that are cohesive, together, and want to win some games and have some fun,” said infielder Luke LaChance on Miller Express Coffee With a Coach.

WCBL Championships: 2002



Home Ballpark: Mitchell Field

Home Opener: 7:05 p.m., Friday, May 26th vs. Regina Red Sox

2022 Regular Season Results: Third place in East Division with 29-27 record

2022 Playoff Results: First-round loss to Moose Jaw Miller Express

Coaching Staff: Tim Brown (Coach & General Manager); Brody Boyenko (Pitching Coach); Keith Herring (Hitting Coach); Will Iannacone (Outfield Coach); Darian Engelhardt (Clubhouse Manager)

Returning Batters: Catcher Rydell Adair; infielder Brody Alexandre (49 games, 8 homers, 32 RBI); outfielder Cory Bonstrom (2022 57’s MVP, 56 games, .342 batting average, 20 stolen bases, 34 RBI)

Returning Pitchers: LHP Kenny Jinks (13 games, 4-2, 3.75 ERA, two shutouts, 69 Ks in 57.2 innings); RHP Dawson Schultz (13 games, two saves, 21 Ks, 22 innings); RHP Patrick Tangen (16 games, 1-4, one save, 37 Ks, 58 innings)

Pitchers: LHP Connor Choo Foo; RHP Ryan McAffrey; RHP Gabriel Watson; RHP Adam Turgeon; LHP Colin Plain; RHP Ethan Schofield; LHP Aiden Liebrecht; RHP Shea Lake; LHP Rylan Tinsley; RHP Connor Batzer; RHP Will Gifford; LHP Nich Liechty; RHP Jared Schaeffer; LHP Matt Williams; RHP Jakob Brown

Hitters: Catcher Sean Russell; catcher Luke Iverson; catcher Xander Little; catcher Daniel Johnson; catcher Robert Barrientos; first baseman Spencer Thomas; first baseman Nolan Lingley; shortstop Ethan Gonzalez; shortstop Hagen Escoto; shortstop Koby Bubash; shortstop Carter Hinds; outfielder Ethan Murdoch; outfielder Braxton Haggith; outfielder Hayden Huff; outfielder Kelton Saylor; utility Luke Addison

View 2023 Swift Current 57’s Roster

In The News: 57’s Closing in on Opening Day

Quotable: “My goal is to help provide a memorable summer for both our players and the community while adding another exciting chapter to the long-storied history of summer collegiate baseball in Swift Current,” said Tim Brown, head coach and GM of the 57’s.

WCBL Championships: 2001, 2005, 2006, 2010, 2016, 2017


Home Ballpark: Athletic Park

Home Opener: 7:05 p.m., Saturday, May 27th vs. Lethbridge Bulls

2022 Regular Season Results: Fourth place in East Division with 18-38 record

2022 Playoff Results: Second-round loss to Moose Jaw Miller Express

Coaching Staff: Mark Goodman (Head Coach); Greg Morrison (General Manager)

Returning Batters: Catcher Zach Stark (40 games, 24 runs, 13 RBI); outfielder Josh Stark (23 games, 7 hits); infielder Tory Nelson (44 games, 17 runs, 5 stolen bases); infielder/RHP Nate Ewing (41 games, 22 runs, 15 RBI; 4-4, 2 saves, 30 Ks, 25.1 innings)

Returning Pitchers: LHP Garrett Nicholson (14 games, 52 Ks in 55.1 innings); RHP Jack Suhai (16 games, one save, 22 Ks, 26 innings); RHP Bryce Libke (19 games, 1-2, 23 Ks, 29 innings); RHP Zac Robinson (12 games, 3-3, 28 Ks in 47.2 innings)

Pitchers: LHP Lucas Teel; LHP Dylan Esquival; RHP Casey Henderson; LHP Adam Golby; RHP Dylan Weaver

Hitters: Catcher Trenton Duchscherer; infielder Tyler Vanneste; infielder Brady Bean; outfielder Brody Gardner; outfielder Noah Adams

In The News: Dawgs & Mavs Mark 20th Year in WCBL

Quotable: “Summer college baseball is a great stepping stone for amateur athletes to try and get to the next level. For me being a local guy who got a chance to go away and come home and operate this team, there’s a lot of appreciation there,” GM Greg Morrison told the Medicine Hat News. “It’s really my duty and my family’s duty to put as good a product out there … and we’re going to keep doing it as long as we can.”

WCBL Championships: 2003, 2014, 2018

Mascots: Monty & Marshall



Home Ballpark: Tom Laing Park

Home Opener: 7:05 p.m., Thursday, May 25th vs. Regina Red Sox

2022 Regular Season Results: Fifth place in East Division with 14-42 record

2022 Playoff Results: Did not qualify

Coaching Staff: Cam Williams (Head Coach)

Returning Batters: Infielder Cale Yuzdepski (30 games, 10 runs); outfielder Tyren Dorrance (11 games, 5 runs, 3 RBI); infielder/RHP Brayden Mayencourt (37 games, 16 runs, 10 RBI; 2 saves, 6 Ks, 9 innings); shortstop Ryan Dauphinee (44 games, 28 runs, 18 RBI, .290 batting average);

Returning Pitchers: RHP Jared Eifler (9 games, 4.03 ERA, 25 Ks in 35.2 innings); LHP Cole McGregor (4 games, 1-1, 6 Ks in 5.2 innings); RHP Luke Zimmer (7 games, 25 Ks in 36.2 innings)

Pitchers: RHP Angel Rios; RHP Mason Fichter; RHP Jack Kovanen; RHP Ethan Webster; RHP Brett Paterson; RHP Jamin Smith

Hitters: Catcher Eric Wirun; catcher/outfielder Owen Christy; first baseman/third baseman Matthew Rachman; shortstop Brayden Murua; outfielder Ryan McCarthy; outfielder Trent Lawson

In The News: Beavers Getting Ready for the Summer

Quotable: “Last year was kind of a weird year coming out of COVID, and you know, I think people weren’t exactly sure how the season was going to go and just seemed right from the start we were on catch up on everything,” said team president Garnet Hansen. “I think from an organization standpoint, we’re much more ready.”

Stay tuned for a look at the WCBL’s West Division teams!